Baldur’s Gate

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Best Music of Baldur’s Gate 1&2, Epic Dragon Battle Music Mix, D&D Fantasy Game Music – 2015 July


Best Music of Baldur’s Gate 1&2 + Throne of Bhaal, Epic Dragon Battle Music Mix and Fantasy D&D Game Music Mix,  Epic Instrumental Music – July 2015,  Orchestral Music Compilation, RPG Dungeons and Dragons Boss Fight Combat Music.
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Baldur’s Gate Original Soundtrack Music Mix
Baldur’s Gate 2 Soundtrack Music MIx
Throne of bhaal OST Music Mix

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Information about this mix.

Music is from the games:

Baldur’s Gate – Composed by Michael Hoenig
Baldur’s Gate 2 – Composed by Michael Hoenig
Baldur’s Gate 2 (Throne of bhaal) – Composed by Inon Zur & Howard Drossin

Track list:

00:00 – Battle – Dragon 1 (Baldur’s Gate 2)
01:08 – The Five (Throne of bhaal)
02:18 – Amelyssan the Blackhearted – The Final Battle (Throne of bhaal)
03:38 – The Domain of the Dragon (Baldur’s Gate 2)
05:25 – Asylum Journey (Baldur’s Gate 2)
05:55 – Mountain Battle II (Baldur’s Gate 2)
06:46 – Shadow Battle (Baldur’s Gate 2)
07:39 – Gorion’s Battle (Baldur’s Gate)
08:46 – Plains Battle I (Baldur’s Gate 2)
09:22 – Main Theme (Baldur’s Gate)
10:10 – From Out of the Storm (Baldur’s Gate)
10:50 – Attacked by Assassins (Baldur’s Gate)
11:50 – City Battle I (Baldur’s Gate 2)
12:07 – Main Title (Baldur’s Gate 2)
12:24 – Yaga Shura’s Lair (Throne of bhaal)
13:44 – Abazigal’s Lair (Throne of bhaal)
14:38 – The Stage is Set (Baldur’s Gate)
14:45 – Plains Battle II (Baldur’s Gate 2)
15:47 – Forest Battle I (Baldur’s Gate 2)
16:13 – The Gibberling Horde (Baldur’s Gate)
16:33 – Giant Spiders (Baldur’s Gate)
17:08 – Attacked by Bounty Hunters (Baldur’s Gate)
17:44 – Bandit Melee (Baldur’s Gate)
18:30 – Sendai’s Enclave (Throne of bhaal)
19:34 – Forest Battle I (Baldur’s Gate 2)

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