Pillars of Eternity

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Emotional & Beautiful Instrumental Fantasy Music Mix, from the game Pillars of Eternity


Sad & Beautiful Instrumental Orchestral Emotional Fantasy Music Mix, Pillars of Eternity, RPG DnD D&D LOTR Inspired Music Mix – 2016

Enjoy the music. 😀
Information about this mix.

Music tracks used in this mix is from the game Pillars of Eternity
The game is made by Obsidian Entertainment
Music tracks is composed by Justin Bell

Track list:
Thaos – Intro Ceremony
Dungeon – Sun and shadow
Wolderness – Elmshore
Global – Title theme
Town – Stalwart village
Wilderness – White march
Town – Defiance bay
Wilderness – Dyrwood
Town – Dyrwood
Town – Ondras gift
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Game Company: Obsidian

Composer: Justin Bell
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/composerbell
Website – http://www.composerbell.com/composerbell.com

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